100 and 100 More Festival for Young Audiences
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Every child is 100 and 100 More! From 25 May – 3 June 2018, The Artground invites families with young children and artists to the Goodman Arts Centre, to re-imagine what theatre for young audiences can be with its inaugural festival.


Audiences can look forward to a showcase of the best children's productions from around the world, featuring:
- Into the Blue Forest (Local festival commission)
- Especially on Birthdays (Co-production with Australia)
- Hans Christian, You Must Be an Angel (Denmark)
- Songs from Above (Denmark)
- Snigel & Friends (Scotland)
- PUNO (Letters to the Sky) (Indonesia)

Audiences can also enjoy free admission to interactive visual arts exhibitions:
- Rolling @ TAG by Daiya Aida (Japan)
- Cardboard Art Exhibition by inclusive arts movement Superhero Me

AND craft workshops, FREE food and fringe activities (hair braiding, air brush tattoos, etc.) during each day of the festival!

Find out more at www.100and100more.com